Wales needs an independent health watchdog

The latest round of shocking reports on care scandals within the Welsh NHS has made one thing clear: the systems in place to protect our most vulnerable citizens are not working.

The current watchdog, Healthcare Inspectorate Wales, has failed as a final backstop to prevent the most recent mental health scandals in north Wales. It's clear Wales needs a new watchdog, at arms length from the Welsh Government, which is properly designed to act independently and safeguard patients.

It's a simple step, but one that will make our NHS more accountable and ensure better care for every patient. If you agree, please sign the petition below and back the campaign.

I'm backing the campaign for a brand new NHS watchdog in Wales that's completely independent from Government, so we can end the scandals within the Welsh health service.


Will you sign?

Cefnogwch Aled yn 2016

Cefnogwch Aled yn 2016

Mae Aled Roberts yn arwain y frwydr yng Ngogledd Cymru. A wnei di ymuno? #BackAled